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How Workvend helps you to Run a Successful Marketplace?

How Workvend helps you to Run a Successful Marketplace?

In today’s business world it is quite difficult to get the right person for the right work. And if you are the one who loves to go with the flow of marketing world then indulge yourself with service marketplace website. One can easily succeed with this concept if is equipped with correct technology.

We all know that starting a website which fulfills all your dreams alongside help you to earn an estimated profit is not an easy task. You have to be quite conscious while choosing your category. Now you must be thinking of which category to choose? Well, if you are confused with this then I must suggest that nowadays service marketplace websites are having a great craze and are available to meet your goal.

Yes, this is the truth. This is the most common and essential field to focus on. As it is quite a difficult task to find the right person for the exact work. So, being an entrepreneur you can see your bright future in this field. You can create a website which can be considered as the bridge between the service seekers and the service providers. So how will you do that?

Workvend script can help you a lot in creating such a platform which is effective as well as user-friendly. Workvend’s features meet every requirement as an admin, service seekers, and service providers. The user-friendly feature of Workvend will help you to provide services and you can also earn a great profit out of this business.

Now let’s look into the features of the same.


Admin Dashboard


Admin Dashboard

The above-provided is the admin dashboard which is present there to help you. This is the place from where you all able to get all the updates about what’s happening all over- as in total number of forms, total categories, active project and also about support tickets. These options will help you to manage as well as monitor all your activities related to business.  

Now coming to the Customer’s Panel


Customer’s Panel


Customer’s Panel

The above-provided image shows you the customer’s panel. This is the place where the service seekers can easily manage their profile. Customers are allowed to create their profile on this on-demand marketplace solution. Also, can manage their profile whenever they wish to. Like as shown in the above screenshot you can find the edit option to make necessary changes in your profile.

Now moving on to the service provider dashboard.


Service provider Dashboard


Service provider Dashboard

This screenshot represents anything and everything regarding the service provider. Thus it can give you a quick summary about the service provider. As you can see the option of work records, rating and reviews and etc. A proper description of the service provider is available here, right from the bio to the location he/she operates from.

Now the next thing to consider is that how you can make money from your website and can attract your customers easily. We have the solution for that too.


Attract more customers


  • Never forget to update your blog contents.
  • You can offer your content on the social media platform.
  • Build up the fan base through a join us button on social media platforms like Google+, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Share the information regarding the service provider to the service seeker with the help of social media.
  • Login to your website is easily available through social media for both the service provider and the service seeker.


Over to you


With the exponentially growing demand of technology, there is a strong need to develop your skills. And Workvend script is having all the latest technologies which are required to match up with this competitive world’s demand.

So get your own ready made service marketplace script and feel the change. Hope I was clear on my words to let you know something about Workvend.

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