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How To Sell Online in India: Marketplace vs Website

Selling online is easier than you can imagine. There are a few stages that permit you to begin your online business. Be that as it may, would it be a good idea for you to settle on a marketplace or get your own website? This will you decide.

Website or Marketplace

Where would it be advisable for you to begin offering your product/services online? Should you get your own website or would it be advisable for you to offer in an outsider marketplace like Amazon or Flipkart?

These are legitimate inquiries that can confound you when you’re beginning off. This is what you should to do to accept a call. Pose a couple of inquiries:

  • Does my product/service belong to a niche category?
  • Is my product customizable and of the bid-type?
  • Will I be selling wholesale?

In the event that the responses to all the above inquiries are a “yes,” you are in an ideal situation offering all alone website. For practically everything else, you can take a gander at offering at a marketplace.

Another way to go about it is to calculate the costs involved in your online store business plan:

Once you calculated the costs and determined how much you need to invest in your online store, find out if you are making a profit.

Here’s a formula:
Profit = Selling price – (sourcing price + packing & shipping costs + transaction fee + marketing costs + variable costs)

If the numbers look steady and feasible to you, you may go ahead with getting your own website.

Where can I get my own website?

There are several portals which can provide you best e-commerce website they are


Choosing a Marketplace

The graph doesn’t simply demonstrate enduring development additionally extends an extraordinary increment in retail web based business deals in India in the following couple of years. A little research on the web turned up some fascinating information about the marketplace.

Why are vendors rushing to the marketplace: Great rebates, more access to an extensive client base, more prominent trust, the simplicity of joining and pursuit capacity.

Here is a list of some mainstream marketplace in India and a perspective of what they offer.

The Small Business Angle

However, if you want to make your own web store and are looking for developers, designers etc, give connect to

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