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What Are The Ideal Features And Business Analysis to Create Local Service Marketplace?

Searching for service professional in your area? The Internet and local service marketplace full fill the gap between service professional and service seekers. This platform help service seekers to get best professional for their job under their budget.

Nowadays there is much company who are running their services on the internet to provide better service in their locality. And the popularity of these businesses generated a lot of enthusiasm among entrepreneurs to enter this sector.

This is a factor due to which WorkVend Team decided to review key features which are important to know before entering in this field of Marketplace.

Service Marketplace Business Model

The aim of this platform is to connect service seekers with service professionals. Through this platform, service seekers can post in a minute and connect with service professional according to their category of work. To get higher value Service professional can also highlight their skill and get hired.

How to Make Money Through Such Website?

Through local service marketplace, you can easily generate revenue using various revenue stream of monetization.

Membership Plans- Registration on your website will be free but give membership plans to your users with advanced features. After becoming the member they can use these advanced features.

Advertisement- Make several columns on your website in which people can contact you to put their advertisement on your page.

Get Commission- Get commission from the service provider to make their profile highlight on your website with special skills.

Essentials Website Features

On of the most important factor in Local marketplace business is about website features so that you can engage more people. After analyzing of several websites. The workVend team found that all the high traffic website mostly focuses on keeping their website easy to use and navigate. And all these websites having some advance features which keep an engaging number of people.

Responsive In Nature

Today’s if you don’t have any mobile business app then you’re losing the mass audience for your business. Because nowadays people prefer to use mobile more than the computer. It is important to have a mobile app for your business. This will also help your users to access it from anywhere. Which will help you to generate more traffic and revenue for your business?

Support for Your Website

User loves to use those site which having good customer service system. Solving the issue in a time of your users will build a strong relationship between you and your users. Providing better service will make the path of success for your business.


There is no doubt that marketplace business is one of the most lovable business nowadays. Localized service areas of these platforms leave a huge ground for new startups. But the most important thing for the startup is not the competitions in the market it all about future of marketplace business.

This is the reason WorkVend team comes with the above-mentioned Idea so that you feel free while opening your own marketplace website. To know more for your business contact us on www.workvend.com