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workvend script

Why to Choose Workvend script for your Marketplace Website?

In today’s business, online business is one of the best routes to make money with less effort. There are number of online business running today but only those entrepreneur get success who having advanced technology and chosen the right online business in right time.

Now you must be thinking which business category you should choose to get double of your investment in a short period of time?

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People, nearby you find difficult to find the right person for their needs and it also happens due to their busy schedule.

As an entrepreneur, you must take advantage of this situation in your locality.

Build a website which can create a strong path for both service provider and service seekers and fill the gap between them. So how to develop a website which having user-friendly nature and having all latest technology so that people loves to use it? Here is the solution

Workvend helps you to make a strong bridge between the service provider and service seekers with best on-demand marketplace script. Script dandy features meet all requirements of Admin, Service provider and Service Seekers. Workvend script helps you to make platform through which you can easily provide export service to people and get a higher commission for your business.

How Workvend script help you to build a website with the latest technology and user-friendly?

Here are the highlights of features of Workvend script

Admin Dashboard

You can easily get all updates regarding what happening on your Marketplace website. Right from a request made by service seekers to service given by service provider. You can easily manage all activity performed on your website through a single click. Through Custom attributes, you can add or delete Attributes given to Service provider to add their services.

workvend script

Service Provider Dashboard

Workvend script provides exclusive dashboard for each service provider. Through which they can easily know about the request made by the customer, They can easily get payment details. And analyze their performance.

workvend script
Service Seekers Dashboard

They can easily manage their all data. They can explore the services they need. And get right people for their job in a few clicks.

workvend script
How to Make Money Through Workvend Script?

  • Set global commission for service providers. which is applicable for all the service provider on the website.
  • Make money through monthly and yearly subscriptions plans for a service provider who subscribes your website.
  • working script having separate chatting system through which service provider can request for their commission. And You can easily declare separate commission rate for the different service provider.
  • Through Workvend Script you can allow people to put their Ads on your website. And you can fix money according to Ads length and duration.

How is Workvend Script is Social Media Friendly?

  • As an admin, you can improve your website fan base by placing join us button on Facebook or Google+ in the front end.
  • Information about the service provider can be easily shared by service seekers through Facebook and Google+. Using social Icons placed on their dashboard.
  • Social media logins can be used by Service provider and service seekers to log into your website.


Workvend script provides you latest technology for your marketplace website. Helps local people to get an expert for their work with a single click of a mouse. To know more about workvend script please visit www.workvend.com