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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an online marketplace

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Online Marketplace?

Online marketplace has a great importance in today’s era as it allow its users to get a lot of benefits. The online sales provide flexibility for the business opportunity. The best thing about this is that it requires the lowest start up costs. For example, you can consider Amazon, eBay, etc which are well-settled marketplaces.  

The advantage which people gain by joining online marketplace may vary between businesses and industries and not to forget the buyers and sellers.

Well, if you want to create your own service marketplace website then can for sure do that as Workvend is providing you the opportunity for the same. Now you can shorten the gap between the service seekers and service providers in your locality and can explore the hidden entrepreneur in you.  

If you have decided to create one for you then Workvend will be very helpful for you. As you can easily manage your website and earn a decent revenue through it.

No doubt the online marketplace has changed the whole scenario of marketing. Once there was the time when people has to cover quite a long distance and purchase the required goods. It was both the loss of time and money. But now the world has changed as now people can get any goods which they wish to from there home just by placing orders and you get the same as soon as possible.

But as we know that everything on this earth has some advantage and disadvantage. Online marketing too has some. So let’s check out some of them.


Advantages of Online Marketplace


  • You will receive impartial reviews of the customers regarding the service and products. And this in return can encourage new customers to gain confidence and trust to buy any product.
  • This provides new chances for the overseas sales.
  • It will allow an additional path to market and sell any desired products.
  • There is a great decrease in the marketing cost as compared to the previous one.
  • It provide customers the opportunity to analyze the price of different products from a single source and hence is quite popular among the customers.
  • It generates trust between you and buyers as you are the part of established online marketplace.
  • It allows you to build up a new partnership with the suppliers and traders.
  • One can get transparency in the prices and stock levels.


Disadvantages of Online Marketplace


No doubt you are getting a lot of benefits but there are some disadvantages too. Let’s check out them.

  • Users can be charged commission on every single sale which is made and the charges may differ in accordance to the site. So it is advised that you should be clear with the price structure of marketplace.
  • Restrictive terms and conditions can be imposed by the marketplace considering how you communicate with customers.
  • There might be some marketplace limitations on how you can brand the online presence.  


Well, reading the content if you wish to create your own marketplace website then you are most welcome. Before that let me introduce you the features of Workvend which will be beneficial for you.



Features of Workvend


Well, there are three panels in Workvend which can help you on the same. They are:


  1. Admin Panel
  2. Customers Panel
  3. Service Provider Panel


1. Admin panel

This panel helps you to see and manage all your data from a single page.


2. Customers Panel

This panel allows the users to make their profile on this site and manage all their data whenever they wish to.


3. Service Provider Panel

This panel allows the service providers to create an eye-catchy profile so that they can attract their potential customers.


Over to you


Hope I was able to explain you the advantages and disadvantages of using an online marketplace. Feel free to share your views on this blog post and follow our blog on Workvend to get updates on the latest features of it.