From offline business transaction to Online business transactions
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5 Different Local Service Marketplaces converted into Online Service Marketplaces

There are various types of business establishments in the world ranging from clothing, food, electronics and many other ventures as well. There are two types of entrepreneurs who tend to do this kind of job, one who try to launch in the online itself like various online portals like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc.. or there are some who start their business physically and then they tend to make it online in the near future for example Walmart.

There are many local service marketplaces who have established themselves in the real world and then they took their platform to a whole new level by using the internet as the market place

Here are the list of those online service marketplaces who were once upon a time started their business locally before establishing online:

  1. Newegg:
    The only place which is officially made for the tech geeks out there, this site was officially selling electronic products, computer hardware etc.. but when the third party sites started taking over then they started focusing on products like clothing, accessories, furniture products etc.. The order takes 72 hours processing and the best part of the site is that it has 700 sellers in them.
  2. Rakuten:          RakutenThis marketplace has been a global network among most of the Japanese retail chain then it started expanding its operations in Europe, North America and various Asian markets. The price per item is equivalent to 99 cents, it is charged if and only if the item is sold, most of the products are sold in Japanese market and the best part of it is that there are no hidden charges in them.
    searsThis site has various services which is offered to various customers and third party sellers. The bill for shopping is charged for $99 per quarter and sometimes the commission of it increases from 8-15 percent depending on the product you are choosing. The best part of this site is that there are no hidden charges in them and they can create their own branded store front as well.
  4. Etsy:
    etsySpecially made for those people who are into art industry and this site particularly sells all hand made furniture on their sites to attract a lot of attention. Each item to the seller costs 20 cents when the listing is published. The listing goes one for four months unless or until the items in the list are sold.
  5. Jet:
    This online marketplace would be launched later this year, this was founded by the founder of which was bought by amazon and it even follows the similar principal like amazon. The best part is that, it allows the sellers to adjust the commission based on the interests of the shopper’s distance and size.


These service marketplaces have managed to achieve the impossible with the help of their novel ideas which they had kept in their mind before making their business platform online. Even if you want to do the same then go ahead and best of luck in your endeavors. See ya!!